Olympic Airlines

Olympic AirlinesOlympic Airlines is the airline that is in Greece and is the flag carrier airline. It is also known as Olympic Airways and it took its start in 1957. Its headquarters is found in Athens. It has its main hub at Athens International airport and has found to be serving passengers over 5 or even more decades. Thessaloniki International airport is another hub of it and it has been found that most of the people coming across Athens prefer to use it.

Domestic and International Flights

In domestic sector it has around 37 destinations that it is serving optimally along with the fact that there are 32 international destinations as well that include the world known and masses favorite sites. You can get your facilitated travel with it in simplest ever respects.

It has been found that with the efficiency of the services that it has put forward London Heathrow International airport has given the base to this airline. The services and facilities are finessed to heights and it has been found that all the international flight facilities can be rejoiced here in easiest possible respects.

Subsidiaries and Facilities

Olympic Airlines have the subsidiary with Macedonian Airlines and is supposed to be finest recreation and comfort flight provider throughout the globe. The fares are reasonable and it has been found that one can get discounts as well on different occasions as well as national and international happening. The deals are offered off and on to give you way with the finest facilities that it has with it to offer you in comforted way.


E- Ticketing services are optimally implicated along with the fact that for the flight to take advance booking is required. Further it has been found that fantastic customer care services along with seamless traveling experience are ensured to customers. Once you are logged in to the site, you will be regularly informed with the deals that will be put forward your way to get amused in easiest possible respect. Even before a week you can have the seat booking and reservation along with the fact that changing for the flight schedule is also offered to the customers. Therefore it's the time for everyone to get relaxed while flying to and fro from Greece as Olympic Airlines will be there for facilitating to maximum possible extents.